The First and Only Sterile,
Disposable, and Feminine
Post-Surgical Bra

Why Would I Use It?

The recovery period is often accompanied by pain, discomfort, and emotional stress.
Finding supporting follow-up solutions is a constant struggle.
As patients, the solutions available today do not reflect our journeys or support our dignity, independence, and self-care.
EZbra was developed to change that by providing a sterile disposable and adjustable solution while creating an elegant look.

We deserve a Gold Standard of Care!

EZbra - The First Sterile, Disposable & Feminine Post Surgical Bra

What is So Special About This Bra?


Controlled Compression

Adjust various compression levels to fit each patient specific needs


Drain Management

Stabilizing drain tubes and holding drain bulbs



Low adherent, sterile and absorbing multilayer occlusive dressing



Allowing individual design of the breast and definition of breast folds


Easy Application

Easy and fast dressing post-op, designed to reduce Operation Room time and recurring clinic visits


Adhesive Free

Not made from natural rubber latex or adhesives. Made to reduce allergic reactions and medical adhesive skin injuries

Women deserve the most advanced options for wound care and recovery

Designed by Women for Women

EZbra was created by Efrat Roman, a breast cancer survivor and an active member of the breast cancer community.


Learn More About EZbra

EZbra is a sterile, disposable and adjustable post-op bra, that provides absorption, drain stabilization, and compression to fit all breasts’ conditions and shapes and allows an independent change of dressing. EZbra breast dressing is a medical device Class 1 (exempt from 510K) that provides the primary wound care and compression in an all-in-one product.

Yes, there is! EZbra is designed to cover most of the drain exits with a soft and absorptive layer. The upper flex bands can hold and stabilize the drain tubes, reducing pain and discomfort, while the lower flex bands safely carry and hold the drain bulbs. 

EZbra is good for all breast procedures – lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstruction, reduction, lift, and augmentation. EZbra’s adjustability allows it to be tailor-made for each procedure’s specific requirements.
Sure, as long as your EZbra is sealed in its sterile pouch and with its original packaging. Click here to fill out the exchange form. You can learn more about our Shipping, Return, and Exchange policy here.