The First and Only Sterile, Disposable, and Feminine Post-Surgical Bra

EZbra Post-Surgical Bra

Benefits & Features

Women deserve the most advanced options for wound care and recovery.

An all-in-one advanced post-op bra that meets physicians’ needs while
being sterile, disposable, and feminine for maximum comfort and care
throughout the recovery process.

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Defining A New Standard of Care

Sterile, absorbing and elastic advanced breast dressing

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Controlled Compression

Adjust various compression levels to fit each patient specific needs

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Tailor-Made to Physician’s Demands

Allowing individual design of the breast and definition of breast folds

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Recover With Dignity

Patient-Independent dressing changes, for discrete use and an elegant and feminine look.

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Easy Application

Easy and fast dressing post-op, designed to reduce Operation Room time and recurring clinic visits

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Drain Management

Stabilizing drain tubes and holding drain bulbs

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Low adherent, sterile and absorbing multilayer occlusive dressing

Adhesive Free

Not made from natural rubber latex or adhesives. Made to reduce allergic reactions and medical adhesive skin injuries

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This is exactly what I needed when I had my double mastectomy. I would have given anything to have a product like that.

-Young Breast Cancer Survivor

This is exactly what I needed when I had my double mastectomy. This product needs to be in the hands of young women who have children for ease of the drain and everything that we have to go through. It needs to be in America!

-Double Mastectomy

Fantastic!! I wish I had this during my reconstructive phase. Would have made it so much easier for me just to be able to use something and not worry about having to rewrap and rebandage. Would have made a big difference during that trying time of my life.


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Post-Surgical Bra

We Deserve Better

Every year, 13 million breast procedures are performed for medical and cosmetic purposes. The recovery period is often accompanied by pain, discomfort, and emotional stress. Finding supporting follow-up solutions is a constant struggle. As patients, the solutions available today do not reflect our journeys or support our dignity, independence, and self-care. EZbra was developed to change that by providing a sterile, disposable, and adjustable solution while creating an elegant look.

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Sterile, Disposable, Feminine

All-in-one post-op compression bra
While there have been tremendous advances in surgical techniques, there is still no standard of care for post-op breast dressings. EZbra is the first and only designated post-op bra that is sterile, djustable, and disposable, meeting all of the challenges and needs both patients and their physicians face after a procedure. Founded in 2014 by a breast cancer survivor, EZbra is designed to meet all of the medical post-op requirements while maintaining an elegant and feminine design.
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EZbra Sizes

EZbra is available in three different sizes designed to fit a wide range of body and breast shapes.

EZbra is a sterile post-op bra that provides the highest quality of care for women after breast operations. Now, patients can recover with
dignity with a tailored option that is well-fitted to their shape and body and is designed with their needs and experience in mind.

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EZbra is designed to make recovery easier and more fulfilling, boosting self-confidence and body pride while providing exceptional medical care.

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Designed by Women,
for Women

EZbra was created by Efrat Roman, a breast cancer survivor and an active member of the breast cancer community.


“You wake up in the operating room someone else, your body changed forever. No one warns you about the recovery process, how painful it is both physically and emotionally. I needed EZbra and can only imagine how different my recovery would have been if I had something like this that is designed for breasts. I created EZbra so that it can be there for others now.”

Why Medical Professionals Choose EZbra

EZbra is the best choice for surgeons and their patients. Our post-op bra allows for easy application by medical professionals and is tailored to the surgeon’s needs, from compression levels to separate adjustment on each side to ensure a perfect fit even in asymmetric breasts. EZbra is sterile, absorbent, and disposable, reduces pain as it holds drains and bulbs in place, and is likely to reduce OR and recovery time as well as return visits. It is designed to provide a better patient-centered experience and redefines the standard of care for post-operative breast procedures.

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