Optimal Postoperative Care in Breast Surgery

The following course materials provide health care professional and patient-centered information for the postoperative care of surgical incision in breast surgery.
During the course:

• Participants will have approximately 1 hour to review the material and complete the review sections of the training module.
• Review sections may cover more than one topic or directory item within the training module.
• Participants will be required to correctly answer 70% or better of the review questions to receive CE Credit.
• Participants must complete the entire training module and review sections to receive CE Credit.

The following materials will be covered in this educational presentation:
• Common Definitions in Breast Surgery and Wound Care
• Types of Wounds
• Tissue Healing Review
• Surgical Wound Healing
• Risk Factors for Surgical Wound Infections
• Complexity of Breast Surgery
• Post-Operative Care
• Post-Operative Considerations