Woman adjusting her EZBRA

We invite you to take part in Innovation

EZbra™ will be initiating a customer satisfaction trial shortly. We invite you to join the revolution and try out this pioneering innovation; assist to determine the new standard of care for post-op breast dressing. EZbra™ will benefit surgeons, medical staff and patients by providing an advanced, easy to use breast dressing that ensures the best quality of care. Be one of the first to try out this state-of-the-art product. EZbra™ is an ALL-IN-ONE breast dressing, adhering to various surgery requirements while empowering patients to independence, making it easier to comply with their post-op treatment requirements.
See What Patients & Medical Professionals Are Saying

This is exactly what I needed when I had my double mastectomy. I would have given anything to have a product like that.

-Young Breast Cancer Survivor

This is exactly what I needed when I had my double mastectomy. This product needs to be in the hands of young women who have children for ease of the drain and everything that we have to go through. It needs to be in America!

-Double Mastectomy

Fantastic!! I wish I had this during my reconstructive phase. Would have made it so much easier for me just to be able to use something and not worry about having to rewrap and rebandage. Would have made a big difference during that trying time of my life.


Video Testimonials

As a breast cancer survivor I know what I had to go through. This appears to be on the cutting edge of what’s in the future. I am excited to see how the EZbra affects breast cancer patients and mastectomy patients. Its soft, simple and …