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EZbra can be an optimal choice for surgeons and other medical professionals who want to ensure that their patients receive the gold standard of care, even after the procedure has been completed.

Plastic surgeons work to ensure that their patients receive the highest standards of care in their aesthetic procedures, using innovative techniques and new technologies to produce a beautiful, natural appearance. EZbra allows them to do the same when selecting a breast dressing for their patients after their procedures.

EZbra eases post-op recovery care and can reduce the number of follow-up clinic visits needed.

Our researchers have developed a solution that allows Surgeons and Nurses to create the first personalized solution that works for every patient and her requirements for body shape and size. EZbra is suitable for patients with a wide range of breast conditions; it is adaptable for asymmetry and other unique personal differences. Many of the common solutions for post-op recovery do little to reflect patients’ journeys or support their dignity, independence and self-care. EZbra provides a sterile, adjustable and disposable solution that also offers an elegant look that can emphasize patients’ feeling of femininity and security.
Medical professionals who offer EZbra can set themselves apart as offering the gold standard not only in their surgical techniques but also in their post-op recovery support.
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Three different sizes – Designed to cover a wide range of bra sizes and body & breast shapes

EZbras is a sterile dressing that provides the highest quality of care in accordance with the post-op requirements of leading surgeons. By providing a tailored well-fitting option, this medical breast dressing can help you recover with more dignity.

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