Friends & Family

EZBRA for friends & family

EZbra for Friends & Family

You may be looking for the right present to help your loved one’s recovery from her breast surgery. EZbra can be just the right choice, as it was designed with attention to the physical and emotional challenges she faces and offers to make her recovery journey easier and more beautiful.

When patients recover from breast surgery, they may be excited about their new body but discouraged by uncomfortable wound dressings. EZbra is designed to make recovery easier and more fulfilling, boosting self-confidence and body pride while providing exceptional medical care. This sterile, absorbent, disposable dressing can be changed independently while presenting a beautiful, elegant appearance.

You can learn more here about how to select the right EZbra for the loved one in your life. Our special form allows your loved one to select her size while you send your own personal message of congratulations and care.

EZbra is the first and only designated, post-op sterile, adjustable and disposable bra that provides sterile care with low adherence to the skin.
EZbra is designed to be personalized. Compression levels can be adjusted in order to meet every patient’s unique needs for recovery.
Each EZbra is crafted in accordance with the individual design provided by the operating physician. Patients can feel confident that their dressing is individualized to support their healing.
EZbra is designed to be applied easily and reduces time spent in the operating room and can potentially lead to fewer clinical visits with your plastic surgeon.
EZbra is adhesive free and not made with rubber or latex, it can reduce the risk of M.A.R.S.I. (medical adhesive risk of skin injury).
EZbra is designed to stabilize drain tubes and hold drain bulbs for proper drain management. It is an absorbent, multilayer occlusive dressing.