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Recovery Phase 0, How We Can Help

Recovery Phase 0, How We Can Help

EZbra® Breast Dressing is a post-surgical product created by a woman who had gone through the journey of breast cancer recovery herself. We are here to provide the best care a person can have in their recovery. We understand that most post-op products are directed towards one element of recovery. Some products provide compression for the resolution of edema and inflammation, while some are sterilized products to prevent infection. There are also products on the market directed toward providing support for breast tissue post-procedure. With the increasing number of breast procedures, we have launched a product to enhance all the medical characteristics of other post-surgical products, while providing extra features where others are lacking. Here is a look at what recovery phase 0 means, problems, and their solution.

Recovery Phase 0

There are hundreds of breast procedures being performed every day. Whether it is a breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction, mastectomy, or any other aesthetic, therapeutic or prophylactic breast procedure, they all have one thing in common. They have immediate post-surgery irritation, pain, and discharge for a few days. We prefer to call this phase 0 of the recovery. Phase 0 of the recovery starts the minute the procedure is finished to a few days after the procedure.

Patients need extra medical attention and care on these recovery days. They need clean surgical bandages changed regularly, absorption bandages to absorb the body fluid and blood leakage, compression dressings for pain and inflammation, and something to hold leaking fluids coming out of the wounds. Also, they need to get back to everyday life functions as soon as possible. Phase 0 recovery is all about the medical, social, and functional rehabilitation of the patient.

While other Bras and post-surgical compression bandages aim toward phase 1 of recovery when the pain has already eased and inflammation has subsided, EZbra aims to provide the best care in phase 0 of the recovery.

Sterile Disposable Bandage

Phase 0 of the recovery requires a sterile environment for proper recovery. Breast tissue after procedures is more susceptible to infections than any other tissue. Patients need to make sure that their wounds remain clean for proper healing. They also need a disposable bra solution, because in phase 0 washing blood and body fluids from the clothing is extra work which not many patients are willing to do.

Self Application surgical bandage

Phase 0 of the recovery is usually about function and social constraints and multiple hospital visits. It can have a severe psychological impact on the patient. They depend on someone else for their minor tasks, such as applying bandages and changing their dressings. What they need is a life-changing solution that provides them with the freedom of changing their own dressings and bandages without going to the hospital or having a nurse at home to do so.

Pain and Inflammation management

First few days after breast procedure are accompanied by pain and inflammation. The body sees the procedure as trauma and tries to heal the damaged tissue by increasing the blood flow toward the tissue to fight off any infection and also to drain any harmful substances collected in the tissue. Compression dressings make the pain considerably better and help the body with drainage, thus reducing the inflammation. Compression dressings are usually an add-on product with a surgical bandage. They are designed to provide a varying degree of compression according to the patient’s needs.

Patients need to wear them over the surgical dressing for pain and inflammation management. It also helps with the strength and tone of the tissue. Instead of layers of bandages that make the patient uncomfortable, patients need a solution that combines the sterile surgical dressings with compression dressings. They also need a sleek design that will not be apparent from the outside thus providing them the freedom to attend social gatherings.

We care enough to provide the solution

From personal experience and as a survivor, EZbra founder has critically analyzed the products available on the market to find a solution to the problems patients face after their breast procedure. After critical evaluation, we have managed to design a product to complement already available products. Phase 0 of recovery is sensitive. Making it better and easier makes the whole recovery faster and more comfortable for the patients.

EZbra® Breast Dressing provides the solution for all the problems faced by patients. It is a sterile, disposable product with an inbuilt compression bandage feature that provides the best pain management while preventing infections. It doesn’t ignore the psychological need to be independent as soon as possible. It is designed to be a self-application product that patients can apply at home anytime they want. EZbra tends to the breast tissue in the initial days making the breast tissue ready to shift to other traditional post-surgical bras.

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