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Need for the Right Recovery Products

Need for the Right Recovery Products

Breast augmentation and other aesthetic procedures continue to be one of the top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures. It has been on top since 2006, along with other aesthetic and therapeutic breast surgeries. According to the American Society of plastic surgeons, 193,073 breast Augmentation procedures were done in 2020. Due to the diminishing stigma around aesthetic breast procedures, more and more people are opting for them. Although now people are much more worried about the recovery process, time and how it would affect their lives. It demands the very question, how can surgeons make this procedure and its recovery better, faster and more independent than before?

Problems that patients face after breast procedures range from simple pain, swelling, drain placement issues, to complications like breast asymmetry, infections, and hematomas. Many types of new research are revolving around how one can aid in the evolution of aesthetic breast procedures and enhance patient recovery. Many of these problems can be solved by choosing the right post-op recovery products for your patients.

Why is it important to choose the right recovery products?

In phase 0 of the recovery (which can last anywhere from 3 to 10 days, depending on the procedure) it is crucial to provide patients with the right post-op support or it can lead to social, mental, and functional disabilities. It can also prolong the recovery period if patient care is neglected in those initial days. The right post-op recovery products may not only reduce the recovery time but also reduce the burden on the clinic and patient’s life, by giving as much freedom to the patient as possible. This includes the freedom to change one’s own dressing without relying on someone else’s help or hospital visits.

The right recovery products can markedly soothe the pain and inflammation while supporting the breast tissue for proper placement. They can also help with the wound leakage, keeping the cuts clean and infection-free, providing ultimate care to the patient.

Problems faced by patients

In phase 0 of the recovery, along with pain and inflammation management, one of the most important aspects of providing your patient with ultimate care is psychological recovery.

Immediately after a breast procedure, it is practically impossible for the patient to lift their arms above their head. Therefore, choosing a post-surgical bra option that can be completely fastened in the front can help maintain the patient’s dignity and allow them the freedom of changing the dressing themselves whenever needed.

One of the uglier sides of aesthetic breast procedures is drain placement. It is unsightly enough to be wearing drains that constrain the social function of the patient. Stabilizing them is another problem faced by patients. In the first few days after a breast procedure, the patients cannot wear regularly marketed surgical bras. This is because they are designed for recovery when the healing process has already begun, generally a few days after the procedure. Patients are in desperate need of a product that can aid them in drainage management without them having to improvise placements and wearing hooks.

There are many post-surgical products available for breast procedure recovery. These products usually aim at phase 1 of recovery, when the pain has almost settled and the patient is ready to function in a social setup again. There are currently no products available on the market which provide the care and hygiene of a surgical compression bandage and the support of a bra for patients immediately after a breast procedure.

The Solution

EZbra® provides an “ALL IN ONE” solution for all these problems. Post-op recovery products available in the market are designed for recovery procedures when the surgical bandage has been removed and inflammation and pain have settled. They usually aim to maintain the shape and symmetry of the breast after surgical procedures. EZbra provides a fresh perspective for post-surgical bras. It combines the need for wearing a sterilized compression bandage for pain management and a surgical bra for maintaining breast shape in the first few days immediately after surgery.

Post-surgical pain can be irritating and near paralyzing. Patients need relief from pain which is usually achieved by separate compression dressings. EZbra solves this problem by combining the compression feature with a bandage. It allows a varying degree of compression to help with pain and fluid drainage while absorbing fluid just like a surgical bandage. Furthermore, it fastens from the front giving the patient the liberty to change their dressing and perform daily functions in life without dependency on others.

Now you can recommend to your patients a sterile disposable product that promotes post-op hygiene, aids in drainage, and allow them to recover with dignity.

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