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Pectoral Enhancement: How To Support Post-Procedure Recovery

Pectoral Enhancement: How To Support Post-procedure Recovery

Pectoral enhancement was initially developed to repair body deficiencies such as congenital abnormalities and to improve the appearance of a disproportionate chest. Psychologically, a well-developed chest is evidence of strength, power, and fitness in men. Over the past decade, the media has sculpted an ideal body image for men which has enhanced the demand to have cosmetic repair surgeries.

In the last few years, the stigma around male pectoral enhancement has widely reduced. Due to the above-mentioned reasons more and more men are opting for pectoral enhancement. Men are getting cosmetic procedures for various reasons. It can be for therapeutic, curative, or cosmetic purposes. No matter the procedure, there are some things to consider and prepare for before one gets pectoral enhancement.

What are the indications for pectoral enhancement?

Pectoral enhancement was initially introduced for patients with congenital abnormalities that leave them with body deficiencies. It was used to treat asymmetries surrounding the male upper body to give it a better body appearance and more social acceptance to people with volume deficit congenitally, due to trauma or following an oncological procedure.

Secondly, people who are unable to build muscle mass with exercise and diet, or who suffer from muscular hypoplasia that doesn’t respond to any medical therapy can benefit from pectoral enhancement.

Lastly, patients who suffered from trauma that leaves them with an asymmetrical anterior chest and are in need of cosmetic repair to build self-esteem and confidence back up may opt for pectoral enhancement.

Complications of Pectoral Augmentation procedures

Just like with breast implants in women, pectoral enhancement has its own set of complications. Some of these complications are common but can easily be managed by post-op care and others are rare which may need immediate medical attention. These complications are:-

  • Infections
  • Asymmetry
  • Hematoma
  • Implant migration
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Wound dehiscence
  • Temporary or permanent nerve damage

Sometimes implants have to be taken out surgically if these complications persist. That’s why it is necessary for patients to have proper post-op care and detailed recovery instruction to make a full recovery without any complications.

Instructions For Post-op Recovery

Surgeons have a set of recommended instructions for better post-op recovery. The patient is wrapped with an elastic bandage to support the implant, reduce mobility, inflammation, and pain. It also gives the implant the time to settle down. After that elastic bandage is taken down, ideally the patient is given a compression bandage or garment to be worn at all times. This compression bandage is customized to the procedure and provides support over four weeks.

The patient is instructed to limit the use of the arm and refrain from lifting any heavyweights. The bandage is kept clean to avoid the spread of infections and is changed regularly. The compression should be monitored regularly to provide the optimal support for the implants and to cover any asymmetries in the chest.

EZbra For Post-OP Support

Over the past few years, Men are pushing themselves past the stigma around body enhancement in men. Unfortunately. The issue surrounding the bandage and post-op recovery vest and garments is not addressed properly. Only a few products provide the flexibility and sizes to suit men’s bodies, which makes recovery harder due to the use of improper products. These products don’t meet the criteria set by surgeons for appropriate recovery.

EZbra is a revolutionary product meant for procedures like breast and pectoral enhancement along with breast reduction in case of gynecomastia in men. It is an A grade, sterile, disposable dressing designed to meet post-op needs.

We understand that men need much different chest support from women. That’s why EZbra is available in all sizes to suit the different body build in men. It comes in large-sized products that can wrap around any chest size with comfort.

It allows a varying degree of compression to suit all types of implant types and sizes used in pectoral enhancement. The compression can be easily managed by changing the length of flex and bands on the product. It means it can help with pain, inflammation, edema and prevent asymmetrical breast due to implant displacement.

EZbra provides implant stability unseen by other products. It provides upper pole compression for better inflammation management, peripheral compression to keep the implant in place and prevent post-op asymmetry, and pectoral fold compression to stabilize the implant.

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