Katy Gorman Shares Her EZbra Experience

Every year, 13 million breast procedures are performed and yet, there is no standard of care for breast dressings post-op. Katy Gorman is one of these women – an artist and inspiring woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer. We sent her a pack of EZbras, the first and only post-op bra that is sterile, disposable, and feminine, designed for easy application and with women’s post-op needs in mind.

This is her story.

About Katy Gorman

Katy has 4 daughters and is a talented designer and lover of all things related to design. Instagram page Eat Pray Beach shows a beautiful house she designed on the beach for her family, and Keith and Davey features incredible leather work she’s done for various artists, including Johnny Depp, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Earl Slick, and many more.

The Diagnosis

Katy was very open and kind when talking about her diagnosis. 

I was diagnosed at age 50 with DCIS. I had 3 surgeries to clear margins, then 6 weeks radiation followed by 5 years tamoxifen-6 years. After DCIS returned in the same breast, and mastectomy was recommended, I chose to get a double mastectomy in order to not have to be prescribed endocrine therapy post. I was able to get nipple-sparing direct to implant, with silicone implants, everything is going as planned so far!” 

When we asked Katy how she was feeling, she responded: “Considering I’m 6 days post-op, I feel much better than I thought I would! Yes, there is pain, but it is manageable.” 

Fears and Concerns Pre-Op

Surgery is never easy, and is often accompanied with anxiety and fear. When it comes to breast cancer and mastectomies, women go into the operating room knowing they will never be the same coming out. When asked what her fears were pre-op, Katy said “I guess I thought the whole thing would make me feel differently about myself but thankfully it hasn’t at all!”, which we were very happy to hear.

The EZbra Experience

EZbra was designed for woman post-op, with the goal of becoming the gold standard of care around the world. Today, women wake up with improvised dressings and tape that were not designed for their breasts or needs. After Katy received her EZbras, she shared her first impression on Instagram, and then told us about her experience with it.

I thought it was very smart, and very well considered, and very edited. Putting it on was simply and quickly comfortable too – I especially liked the ability to have it custom fit without the need for straps! The material was excellent because it was so lightweight but strong also!” 

Compared to the improvised dressings and uncomfortable reusable bras, EZbra was a refreshing and much-needed product. 

It was just simple, not complicated, like an Apple product is simple, not complicated-well thought out. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing! You guys have worked out all the kinks!” 

We asked Katy if she would recommend EZbra. This was her response:

I definitely would! I would say this is an easy, less cumbersome option, the fact that it is disposable makes good sense because there is no need for multiple items that require washing and drying. No hook and eye closures, and most especially, fit is entirely custom!” 

Thank you, Katy for your time, resilience, energy, and willingness to share your story and experience. EZbra was created for women just like you and we are so happy to have been able to help ease the discomfort post-op. We wish you health and a speedy recovery, and look forward to seeing your amazing energy on our Instagram feeds.

Visit our shop to purchase EZbras, or make a difference in a patient’s life by sending EZbras to your favorite breast cancer organization.

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