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Post Surgery Bra: How to Choose

Post Surgery Bra: How to Choose

The postoperative bra is a critical part of recovery after any breast procedures and sometimes procedures like open-heart surgery. These are meant to provide support, compression, pain relief, and comfort for the patient. They also aid in post-op recovery by supporting the implants and attaching drainage tubes if the surgeon prefers them after surgery.

While not all surgeons recommend a post-recovery bra for procedures like tissue flap surgery, many procedures demand the need for a post-op support bra for optimal and timely healing. These procedures include breast augmentation surgery, breast lift surgery, breast reduction, reconstruction, biopsy, or mastectomy. The main problem after any breast procedure is patient compliance to post-op recovery bras. Most of the products available have wires, inadequate compression, and irritating fabric that makes wearing them continuously extremely uncomfortable. Moreover, post-op dressing changes need clinic visits in the initial recovery phase. Thus, the patient may opt for not wearing a post-recovery bra and therefore develop complications in the future. To avoid this problem, it is crucial to choose proper products with enhanced patient compliance, comfort, and independence. Here are some features to look for while recommending a post-recovery bra after breast procedures.


The key feature to look for in a post-recovery bra is its ability to absorb sweat, blood, and other body fluids to minimize the discomfort faced by the patient. Patients need dressing with maximum absorption capacity to reduce infections and continuous staining that can get embarrassing for the patient and may hinder their normal life functioning.


All the post-recovery support needs to have the ability to provide a varying degree of compression for each body type and procedure. Proper compression can promote the healing process by addressing post-op swelling and edema. It also enhances the compliance and comfort of the patient by adjusting to body type and individual body needs. The varying spectrum of compression to choose from makes it easier to address breast symmetry after unilateral breast procedures. Patients may fight self-esteem issues, due to post-recovery support that doesn’t address the need for a proper product for asymmetrical breast shape. That’s why it is important to recommend support that works for asymmetrical breasts while maintaining the pressure where it is needed.


Patients tend to show compliance with the products which feel most comfortable. A post-recovery bra that has wires may irritate skin and can cause dermatitis which can be a source of superficial infection. Moreover, the stiff and tough fabric can cause friction against the skin thus reducing the comfort of the patient. It is important to choose a product that doesn’t use wires as they can cut into the skin and cause bleeding and infections.


Post-op bras should have adjustability according to patient needs. The patient is already in pain and it may be difficult to move their arms around their body to twist and stretch a recovery bra. It should have adjustable flaps and closures. Ideally, everything should be adjustable from the front to reduce the need for any external support and promote self-healing. It should have a design that needs minimum mobility and can be applied by the patient.

Drain management

Many surgeons recommend drains for wound drainage and healing. Many products for recovery support available don’t usually come with drain pockets or drain stabilizing systems. The patient needs to wear different accessories for drains. These accessories are unable to properly secure the drains in place and excessive movement can cause pain and infections. We recommend a recovery bra that has a building drain management system for better patient compliance and the need for lesser equipment hanging around the neck.

Ultimate Solution To Choosing Post-Recovery Bra

EZbra is the ultimate solution to choosing a post-recovery bra. It has all the recommended features and more. It is a sterile, disposable, adjustable post-op dressing that can provide adequate compression and support for breast procedures. It is specifically curated to the needs of post-op patients.

It is a non-adhesive, absorbable dressing that promotes wound healing while preventing medical adhesive-related injuries.

Furthermore, it addresses the need for implant stabilization by providing upper pole compression, peripheral compression, and breast fold compression depending on the procedure and patient body type to avoid implant displacement complications serving the optimal care.

EZbra doesn’t use wires and has an advanced VELCRO adhesion technique. It is made of soft material which is comfortable against the skin to increase the level of comfort to perform daily functions.

It has an inbuilt drain management system to support drain equipment and keep it as close to the skin as possible which makes it more stable and less prone to sudden movement thus reducing pain.

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