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Help Breast Cancer Patients Heal Better: Post-Op Support

Help Breast Cancer Patients Heal Better: Post-Op Support

Fighting cancer is an exhausting war and people going through it need support and reassurance on a daily basis. Even after surgery, returning to normal life can be difficult and challenging. Surgery can help in curing cancer but the day you get the surgery done doesn’t mark the end of the journey with breast cancer. After surgery, it is important to take care of the wound to help it heal better. Any neglect in wound care and you are looking at not only delayed healing but also delay in time to get back to your normal life. Some people are fighting this war themselves and many of us have loved ones who are going through the most difficult stage in their life and we don’t help but wonder how to help them. Here is a review of what happens post-op and how you can help yourself and your loved ones in post-op healing and support.

After any breast procedure, typically the wound dressing is applied to reduce bleeding and swelling immediately after surgery. First, for compression, a thick firm dressing is used, with an anti-inflammatory effect which is removed after a day or two. Compression dressings are applied to address any inflammation and edema and help in post-op recovery by reducing inflammation early on. After which, an adhesive dressing will be applied to keep the wound from bleeding. These dressings can cause pain, discomfort, and medical adhesive-related skin injury (MARSI).

Sometimes, surgeons may also use wound drains in place following the surgery. These drains are small tubes that are placed in the place of the wound to drain blood and other body fluids from the wound in a small bottle to keep the incision sterile and free from infection. Most of these post-op dressings solutions cannot be self-applied which means one has to go to the hospital to get the dressing changed in the initial stages of recovery.

Compression dressings need to have flexibility and diversity to fit each patient’s needs and body shape. Everybody and every procedure require a different compression dressing. Unfortunately, not many dressings available in the market have that feature to incorporate patients’ needs and have the flexibility to suit different body types.

Available compression dressings have a degree of uneasiness, pain, and discomfort. Most of the available compression dressings are symmetrical and designed with the body of an average woman in mind. After surgery, breasts can be tender and painful for a while and an inappropriate compression dressing can cause severe pain and irritation due to stiff hooks, bent wires, and overall rough texture. This is why some patients opt not to use any compression dressing which can delay the recovery process and even risk potential permanent deformity.

Having a wound dressing specially catered to your needs can speed up the recovery process and help prevent pain, discomfort, wound infection and can lessen the number of hospital visits to get the dressings changed. This is where EZbra comes in. EZbra provides the perfect solution for compression dressing problems.

It provides controlled compression and allows various degrees of compression according to surgeon preferences and breast procedure. Not only that, but It also has frontal fastening tabs or VELCRO which can be really helpful in self-adjustment of compression without causing pain and discomfort.

Here at EZbra, we understand that each breast has a different structure and symmetry and it is important to have support suited to both breasts. This is why EZbra has a unique elastic structure that can be adjusted to support each bra differently and individually. It has a flexible closure system that can adjust to any breast shape including a unilateral mastectomy.

The main problem faced by compression dressing is irritation and discomfort due to rough texture and connecting seams over the edge. EZbra is specifically designed to avoid any discomfort. It is manufactured using RF welding (radio frequency welding) that results in strong, durable, yet soft bonding areas to minimize the irritation caused by traditional compression dressings.

EZbra offers personalized dressing which means individual adjustment for each patient’s body, breast shape, and condition.

We believe in helping people get to their normal lives as soon as possible and reducing the pain for women all around the globe. No woman should risk delayed wound healing and deformity due to inadequate or inappropriate dressing. Offering support in the war against breast cancer.

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