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Guide To Choosing The Best Post-Op Bra

Guide to choose the best post-op bra

Choosing the right bra for your breasts can be a complex procedure. Many women have difficulty choosing something that is comfortable against their skin and also for the breast tissue. When it comes to post-op bras, this process becomes even more complicated. Now, they must also consider breast tissue recovery, pain, wound leakage, proper support, and many other things along with the classic feminine features of a bra. More often than not, they choose post-op bras without any proper guidelines which is a source of inconvenience for many women around the world. In this article, we’ll explore why you need a proper post-op bra and how you can choose a convenient, stylish, fitting, and comfortable post-op bra for better recovery of your breast tissue.

Why Do I Need A Post-Op Bra?

A Post-op bra is a critical and important part of the recovery process. It not only helps in physical recovery of the breast tissue but also helps with the psychological recovery and helps women resume their functioning in daily life routine.

Post-op bras help to reduce swelling, support implants, provide compression for the tissue to manage pain and swelling, support breast tissue to stay in shape, and provide an anchor for wound drainage tubes so that they don’t move around causing irritation and infection.

Post-op bras also help to reduce post-op complications such as seroma, hematoma, infections, implant displacement, and skin stretching causing itching and irritation. This is why it is crucial to wear a post-op bra after any incisional surgical procedure whether it is diagnostic or therapeutic.

Different Types Of Recovery Bra

There are different kinds of recovery bras for different kinds of recovery periods. They come in different shapes, sizes, fabrics, and models for the best recovery of breast tissue. They have different in-built features like latex-free fabric for minimal allergic reactions to the skin, front closure for ease, and drainage tube support. The various types of Post-op bras include:

Surgical Bras- These are usually required for the immediate post-op phase of the recovery, from the day of surgery to a week after surgery. These are designed to provide support and adequate compression to the healing breast tissue. They also help to reduce swelling and promote a speedy recovery.

Transition Bras- They help in the recovery process after 2 weeks. This bra is usually non-underwired to provide support for the breast tissue while minimizing the underwire and skin contact to avoid ulceration, soreness, and infection of the overlying skin.

Other types of Post-op Bras-These include Sports bras for adequate compression, drainage, and movement limitations after minor procedures, Post-mastectomy bras which are designed to provide support for the resected breast tissue while having structural variability to adequately accommodate the other breast, and long-term bras which are normal bras of proper size and fabric to be used 8-10 weeks postoperatively.

How Long Should I Wear Post-Op Bras?

It is recommended to wear surgical bras for up to a week or 2 after the procedure. They need to be worn 24/7 for proper recovery.

After 2 weeks, you can shift to transition bras. These are supportive bras that need to be worn day and night for at least 2 weeks. After two weeks, you can opt out of wearing a bra at night but during the day, when you need to move, it is recommended to wear a post-op bra.

After 3-6 months of breast surgery, you can shift to long-term bras like Normal bras, Sports bras, or anything that will provide support for the breast tissue and make you feel comfortable.

Key Point Of Choosing A Post-Op Bra?

A post-op bra should have certain features. It should be wireless to avoid skin irritation, latex-free to avoid an allergic reaction, adjustable to accommodate wounded tissue, front closure for better accessibility, variable compression for pain, and inflammation management with adjustable bands and straps.

Style matters!

While choosing a post-op bra, a woman’s style and keeping the feminine feature of the bra intact is one of the most important features. EZbra post-op surgical bra, augment the shape of the breast to highlight the feminine features of your body, making you feel comfortable, stylish, and ready for the outside world.

Fit and comfort

EZbra post-op bra is a unique design that is not made with rubber-latex and made with comfortable fabric. It provides you with the freedom of variable compression and adjustment settings to make the bra your ideal size and comfortable enough to feel like a part of your body.

Easy application

EZbra has the front closure feature which provides you with the freedom to change your surgical dressing in case of wound leakage independently and with ease. It has a strong and easy fastening system to provide you with the best care.

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