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EZbra® Breast Dressing- A Product to Complement Patient’s Needs

EZbra® Breast Dressing- A product to Complement patient's needs

EZbra is a post-op recovery product for breast procedures. It works for a wide range of breast procedures whether they are therapeutic, prophylactic, or plastic surgery procedures. It is designed to be sterile, highly absorbent, disposable, and with all the features of a surgical dressing. Whenever a new product launches on the market, it is seen to be in competition with other products. EZbra is not competing with any other products on the market. We have carefully analysed how to make patients’ lives better and enhance the features of already existing products to give the patients a better quality of life. It is a creation designed directly from the experience of patients who have undergone breast procedures, who know what problems patients can face, Including their physical well-being, potential mental turmoil, their immediate needs, and how to solve them. Here is how we enhance the functions of the available products while reducing the inconvenience that comes with them.

The main problem highlighted by many patients who experience any breast procedure is the problem of changing the dressings. The first few days after surgery are voted the most painful days. 2-5 days after a procedure is associated with increased pain and inflammation. Even if a patient is on analgesics, inflammation and physical limitations can make them irritable and frustrated. On top of this, going to a hospital to get the dressings changed every time body fluid or blood leaks out is a hectic task. Many patients delay dressing changes because of this reason. This lack of patient compliance makes the recovery procedure burdensome for both the patient and the surgical team. This can lead to wound irritation, infection, and a delay in healing. Also, the psychological turmoil of washing reusable garments after wound leakage and discharge can further increase the agony of the patient while limiting the functional capacity of other products.

EZbra is directed towards solving this problem. We are a disposable, sterile surgical bra, with the hygiene of surgical bandage and feasibility of a bra. So it can be supporting, compressing, and self-applicable to provide a freeing experience for the patients.

Another problem faced by patients is the use of multiple products because there is no single product directed toward Phase 0 of recovery. Patients have to use surgical bandages for the dressing, compression bandages for inflammation relief, post-surgical bra for support, and hooks for drain placement, which can become hard to manage by a single person. We are solving this problem by providing an adjustable compression feature and drain holders in-built with the support feature of a post-op bra.

When Is It Ideal To Use EZbra® Breast Dressing?

Breast procedures have various phases of recovery. Phase 0 starts immediately after surgery and continues into the first few days. It is usually accompanied by pain, inflammatory reaction and fluid leakage as breast tissue is most susceptible to infections during this phase. EZbra provides the ideal environment for helping the healing of the wound and prompt relief for inflammation.

EZbra is directed towards Phase 0 of the recovery. There are many products already available on the market for Phase 1 of recovery and the healing process. Currently, there are no products for Phase 0 of the recovery process. Seeing the need for a proper product to help patients, we designed EZbra for maximum benefit during Phase 0.

In Phase 0 patients also need a sterile environment, surgical literature even suggests providing the patient with the same level of hygiene comparable to a surgical suite to enhance wound healing. The currently available solutions are not the same level of sterile as surgical care as they are non-disposable and are designed to be used multiple times. While they do have their own benefits in later recovery phases, they create a number of challenges for the patient while they are going through Phase 0. It is hard to keep a wound clean if one doesn’t have proper clean garments and the opportunity to change the dressing as often as one needs.

EZbra is the only product currently targeting all the pillars of recovery, whether it is the ideal environment, physical factors, or psychological support. Many products out there often neglect the patient’s need to gain self-confidence and dignity after the breast procedure. EZbra helps to ease doubts about one’s normal functionality while minimizing the limitations surrounding social functions. We have introduced the front fastening system to help patients with reclaiming their dignity and maintain self-sufficient gratification.

After Phase 0 of recovery, the patient can shift to normally available post-op bras that are on the market. These bras are ideal for providing support to breast tissue to maintain its shape and provide an anchor for the healing breast. While post-recovery products are aimed toward the support of the tissue and overall physical recovery, EZbra helps patients who need a little more than general support of the breast tissue in their recovery days.

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