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Common Problems After Breast Procedures and How To Manage Them

Common Problems After Breast Procedures and How To Manage Them

Each year in the United States, about 255,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 42,000 women die from the disease. Breast cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in women worldwide, only coming after skin cancer. There are many diagnostic and curative surgical procedures for breast cancer performed every day. Every year, 13 MILLION breast procedures are performed worldwide, and yet, there is no standard of care for post-op patients. Ever wondered why? Because someone who hasn’t gone through it all themselves doesn’t know what the common problems are, what to expect and what standard management should be.

There are many indications for breast procedures. It can be for cancer, cosmetic and preventive. These include procedures for biopsy, breast augmentation, lift, reconstruction, reduction, lumpectomy, and partial or full mastectomy. The following are some very common problems encountered after breast surgery and the ultimate solution to manage them.

Pain- Pain is a common problem experienced by patients after breast procedures. This pain can be easily managed by the pain medications if you are taking the recommended dosage. Sometimes, exercise and sufficient fluids are needed to keep the pain symptoms at bay.

If you experience gradually increasing pain that doesn’t go away. It may be a symptom of a problem with your wound. It can be an indication of infection, inappropriate dressing compression causing discomfort, or inadequate drainage.

Consult your nurse or medical specialist to take a look at the wound and get appropriate, sterile, absorbable dressing for future use for better wound care.

Swelling and edema- Swelling and edema are the body’s response to any foreign particle or incision. These are very common responses in immunocompetent patients. Fever with swelling and edema can be an indication of active infection. It is more common to get lumpiness and swelling around the edges of the wound along with erythema (redness of area). Usually, it takes 6- 8 weeks for the swelling to settle down and flatten out the wound comparable to surrounding skin.

Adequate compression and care can speed up the recovery process and promote active healing of post-op edema and inflammation.

Drain leak and drain blockage- Drain leak and drain blockage is an annoying condition. Drains are necessary for post-op healing but they can cause pain, irritation, swelling, edema, and other complications when not managed appropriately. If a drain leakage occurs, simply wash around the drain, clean the wound, and tape around the drain. You may need to change the drain if the leak continues. If drain fluid is absorbed by dressing, you may need to change the dressing on an early basis to prevent any infections.

Proper stabilization and management of drains are important for post-op recovery. Increased movement of drains can cause pain and leakage from the drain site. Use absorbable material at the drain exit site to keep the wound site clean and sterile for active recovery.

How To Manage Post-op Problems

Common post-op problems can be attributed to surgical procedures, inappropriate dressing, body response to the wound site, and improper management of surgical drains. EZbra is the optimal solution for all these common problems.

  • It is a sterile disposable dressing that reduces the risk of wound infections reducing pain and discomfort.
  • It is super absorbable and prevents wound discharge and drain leakage from going onto the clothes. It can reduce patient’s comfort and help in getting to normal activities of daily life.
  • It provides varying degrees of compression for each body type, shape, and procedure. It can help in reducing post-op swelling and edema.
  • EZbra is specifically designed to hold drains to lower the movement and enhance drainage support thus reducing the pain caused by continuous drain movement.
  • EZbra has active drain exit absorption which can help in keeping the wound clean by absorbing the discharge.
  • EZbra has a holding for the drain bulb. It can assist the patient with managing the drain system. Keeping it close to the body, thus preventing it from falling while securing it in place.

Why Choose EZbra?

EZbra is a product designed based on the experience of breast cancer survivors. It addresses the most common post-surgical problems and manages them effectively. It can shape itself according to the needs and demands of the procedure. Here at EZbra, we care for you and your fast recovery thus guiding you step by step toward the process of active recovery.

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