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Breast Augmentation Recovery: The Five Stages of Healing

Breast Augmentation Recovery: The Five Stages of Healing

Breast augmentation is one of the top cosmetic procedures. With the diminishing stigma around breast augmentation procedures, more and more women are opting for this surgery. Each year, thousands of women get breast implants to serve their aesthetic needs and experience the life-changing benefits of having their desired body shape.

Before you decide to have the procedure it is important to understand what to expect both before and after. Without understanding the requisites and the after-effects of the procedure, you are more liable to have undesirable inconveniences with the recovery process. Breast augmentation recovery is usually divided into different phases according to the length of time after the surgery. This article will give you a better understanding of what to expect during each phase of recovery and how long each phase can last.

Stage 1: The Surgery Day

Breast augmentation is not a risky procedure. It is usually done on an outpatient basis under the effect of anesthesia. It doesn’t require hospital admission and you can usually return home almost immediately after the procedure. During this stage, you will feel minimal pain because of the anesthesia and there will be almost no inflammation because your body hasn’t reacted to the incision yet. You may feel the after-effects of the anesthesia which may include confusion and drowsiness. This is why it is important to secure a ride home beforehand to avoid driving under its lingering effects.

The first day is all about rest and being comfortable for the best recovery. Have healthy and pre-made food available at hand so you can skip the stress of preparing a meal. Take a lot of fluids to keep yourself hydrated and make your bed a comfortable place by adding layers or pillows to minimize any painful posture change. If you experience any pain during stage 1, it can be easily managed with simple OTC pain medications or any prescription medications. Don’t forget to fill your prescription beforehand! This way you can effectively manage any undesirable post-op pain.

Stage 2: The First 5 to 7 Days After the Surgery

Stage 2 of the recovery is the most uncomfortable. During this stage, your body is becoming accustomed to the breast implant and actively healing the breast tissue. It is common to experience pain, redness, and inflammation during this stage. It will become difficult to raise your hands above your head so you should make advance arrangements for a caregiver to help you with crucial daily tasks. It is recommended to refrain from doing any strenuous exercise during this stage or it can worsen the pain and inflammation, and could even lead to further bleeding.

Stage 3: 1 to 3 Weeks After the Surgery

By the end of the above breast augmentation recovery stages, your swelling will begin to subside, and pain will be considerably less. You can start returning to your normal daily life functions during this stage. You can usually return to work 1-2 weeks after a breast augmentation procedure. Still, it is recommended to refrain from lifting any heavy weights and doing any strenuous exercise. Avoid picking up children too as it can cause stress to breast tissue. You can usually resume exercise by the end of the 3rd week, but it is important to start gradually and let your body get used to the current amount of physical activity.

Stage 4: 4 to 6 Weeks After the Surgery

During this stage, breast tissue has done enough healing for you to comfortably resume some strenuous activities. It is recommended to wait till the end of the 6th week for activities like intense cardio and lifting weights. You can resume lower body exercises after 4 weeks. There will be little to no inflammation and pain around the tissue and incisions are usually healed by this time.

Stage 5: Final Result of Breast Augmentation

In about 4-5 months you’ll be able to appreciate the final results of the procedure. This is the amount of time needed by the implants to settle into their position. Your body is now accustomed to the implants. It is recommended by professionals to wait until after 6 months to get your new bras. After many changes, this will be the final size of your breasts.

Breast augmentation recovery stages can take anywhere from weeks to months. You will notice an immediate change but breast tissue will keep changing shape and size for up to 6 weeks and will settle into the final shape by the 6th-month post-surgery. It is a long wait but the result is worth the patience.

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